About Us


Maggie Rosenberg and Olivia Hayden, co-founders and camp directors of Camp Koru, Inc., have been best friends and bunk mates for over 20 years, with a bond that is deeply rooted in their experiences braving the great outdoors together. The two feel especially fortunate for the skills they gained – and continue to draw upon – while participating in the Mojave Primitive Encampment each year as teenagers. These shared experiences formed the foundation for their lifelong friendship and continues to shape their perspectives. Call them old souls (or just downright grumps), Maggie and Olivia have been known to while away hours on the phone bemoaning digital technology and the deterioration of altruistic values in “society these days.” It was during one of these phone calls that they hatched a plan to help working adults combat chronic stress and digital overload by getting outside and going back to the basics.